Have You Got Your Brakes & Tires Inspected At A Trusted Auto Repair Shop?

The snow and cold weather have finally started to disappear in Salt Lake County, meaning it’s the perfect time to get your vehicle’s tire and brakes inspected at a local auto repair shop. Snow, ice, and cold weather can accelerate the wear and tear that your tires and brakes receive from slipping and sliding, potholes, and other winter driving factors. Heading over to your local auto repair shop to inspect your brakes, tires, steering, and suspension allows you to have peace of mind while driving on the road, keeping you and other drivers safe.

If you hear any grinding when hitting your brakes or notice that your tires aren’t holding air as well as they did before, then head over to Hinckley Automotive, located in Salt Lake County. We are your go-to experts that you can trust for all auto repairs on all makes and models. We take pride in our service and only recommend the maintenance that is right for you and your vehicle. So stop by today and get your tires, steering, suspension, and brakes inspected, serviced, and repaired at Hinckley Automotive today! To schedule an appointment call 801-484-8883, or to learn more about Hinckley Auto, visit our website, https://www.hinckleyautomotive.com/

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